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Summer 2015/2016

Happy New Year for 2016 and may it bring  much light, love and inspiration into your life. Well it’s been a while since I sent out one of my newsletters and a lot has happened – I now run my clinic out of my studio in Medina along with my full and new moon meditations and some of my courses.

I am excited about what the future holds and plan to head off to Spain again this year around May to walk the Camino de Santiago and take my work to the wider world. Currently I am completing books that I have been writing and taking steps to record my music along with uploading my meditations to be sold as a download on the internet.

Between now and leaving in April 2016 I plan to run a series of courses here in Perth and maybe in Exmouth which will be listed later in this newsletter.

Once on the road I will be offering consults/distant healings via skype or phone and plan to organize numerous courses, retreats and possibly adventures abroad that people can join me in.  My website( is being updated at present and will soon list all that which is on offer and will be constantly updated as my journey evolves.  I plan to write a blogg on my travels so stay tuned.

Seeing a lot of changes in people’s lives in recent years and farewelling some who are no longer with us on the physical plain has made me more determined to ‘seize the day’ and start really living my dream rather than just dreaming it. So I’ve given in to the gypsy spirit in me yet again and I’m off for an indeterminate length of time to explore my inner realm, share my gifts and be of service. Putting things off can sometimes kill the ‘spirit’ in which the original idea was born so my new word for 2016 is TRUST and just go with it!

We may not know what is around the corner but whatever it is will only create an element of surprise and an opportunity for growth. Always “knowing” what tomorrow will bring (or creating that illusion for ourselves) can often produce stagnation and a loss of motivation. So 2016 for me is a year of INSPIRATION (ie motivation from within) and trust and who knows where it will land me – I’m sure just where I need to be at the time.

I wish you all an inspired year and a time of growth towards the light.  Meditation/ Mindfulness and Inner Reflection are more and more necessary as our lives speed up when we get caught up in the momentum of things around us. Our time out is our stabilizer, our rebalancer and our reconnection to what is real for us.

Go lightly, go easily and most of all go at your own pace,

In love and light,


Summer 2011/2012

While walking along the beach the other day being very present I had a powerful realization about focus and where we put our focus. What I really got was that when we put our focus on what makes our heart sing that magic happens, dreams reveal and dreams manifest. By following our inner guidance, recognizing distractions along the way, acknowledging them and letting them go as we continue towards our original destination is when we find ‘the pot of gold’ at the end of our rainbow.

It is when we truly listen to those inner messages and follow through that true magic happens – it starts to appear as if we are living in a magic bubble where all of our wishes become a reality.  Getting clear through meditation, spending time in nature or taking some time out for quiet contemplation enables us to connect back into our Soul Self where we live a life filled with synchronicity and dreams manifest.  Becoming ‘thought responsible’ is very important here because not only are we capable of manifesting the good things we dream up but the not so good ones also.  Thought is the beginning of manifestation so clean up your thoughts and watch your life transform before your eyes.  If you have trouble having pure thoughts towards a certain person or situation simply repeat “I love, thank you” continually as you hold them or it in your mind.  This can clear whatever in you contributes to the manifestation of this dysfunction.  Christmas is a good time to do some of this clearing around friends and family and situations we find ourselves in.  Why not have your dream Christmas.

Christmas is a great time for celebrating life and for giving and receiving so why not do this on all levels.  The physical is often well taken care of with gifts exchanged and feasts prepared, however remember also the emotional level and offer love and support to those who are alone or have experienced loss in their lives. A part of ourselves that is often forgotten at this time is our Soul Self, that side of ourselves that requires quiet time, contemplation and meditation to remain connected, nurtured and activated.  So throughout the festive season take some time out  for yourself (20 – 30 minutes/day) and you’ll stay in the flow/ in the magic zone.  Try it out and you may have your dream Christmas.

My special offer over the festive season will help you do just that – with every set of 8 meditation CDs (your Home Meditation course) purchased for $200 I am giving away a purse pack Space & Energy Spritzer (valued at $15) as a gift.  This Spritzer can be sprayed around  your body, car, house or office etc to clear any disruptive energy thereby bringing you and your environment back into harmony.  What a bonus!  What a wonderful world we’d have if we did both these things daily.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, New Year and entry into 2012 and thank you for all your blessings and support.  May your life be filled with love, light and dreams manifest as you continue on your exciting journey,

Maryanne (Now working out of Shop 7, 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle)

(My Newsletters are now put out quarterly so stay tuned for my Autumn edition.)

The Birds are singing, and the sun is shining…

Well the wildflowers are in full bloom, the birds are singing and the sun is shining – Spring is finally here reminding us to spring clean our lives, our bodies, our homes etc.  Letting go of the old will only make way for something new and fantastic to come in.  Often we hold onto things, situations, relationships etc out of habit and not because it is enhancing our lives and helping us to grow and be happy.  Now is an excellent time to lighten the load (get rid of that which no longer serves us and that which we haven’t used in the past 12 months), clear out the cobwebs in all areas of our lives and create space for golden opportunities to manifest.

Spring is an excellent time to detox the body also and start a more serious exercise regime to tone up the winter waistline and get fit again.  A good way to begin this is to alkaline your drinking water by putting 2-3 slices of lemon into it or the juice or pulp of a lemon.  The Institute of Health Sciences, Baltimore have done more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970 and have found that lemons are effective in the treatment of cysts, tumors, 12 different types of cancer, bacterial infections, fungi, parasites, worms, blood pressure regulation, depression, stress and nervous disorders.  It has been found to destroy only malignant cells keeping healthy cells intact.  Many of our current day illness are due to or exacerbated by acidity in the body caused by our diets, stress levels and other factors.  Thus beginning your day with lemon water will counteract this by alkalizing the system bringing the body back towards a state of health and  well-being.  So start your bodies “spring clean” by introducing lemon water daily, reducing your intake of sugars and processed foods, eating life force rich vegetables and fruit, drinking 2 litres of good quality water daily and sticking to a daily exercise program (walking does wonders as it enables the lymphatic system to remove the toxins from the body).

NEWS FLASH From the beginning of October I will be operating my clinic out of Unit 7/ 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle (South Fremantle Physiotherapy) and I’m looking forward to the change after 9 years at my Norfolk St address.  Our old clinic building has been sold and we are all moving on to greener pastures so to speak.  I will be teaching a series of courses over the next 3 months so for those wishing to learn from me get in while you can – refer to Upcoming Events for details.

Life is changing at a rapid pace at present teaching us flexibility and adaptability as well as non attachment.  So when you find yourself stressing over change or upset plans, replace your stress with excitement as CHANGE MEANS GROWTH. Enjoy the journey!   I certainly managed to do just that on a recent trip to the Kimberley which took me to Broome, Tunnel Creek, Winjana Gorge, Derby and Cape Leveque for a much needed rest and “perspective adjustment”. What a Magic land!  Journey safely and with love in your heart,   Maryanne


Surrender to life and the light

Here I am sitting in my friends lounge room with 180 degree views of Frenchmans Bay, a rainbow placing its pot of gold down one end of the bay and the ‘tail of the whale’ in the landscape being washed by misty rain at the other end.  This self-imposed 6 day retreat has not only brought me back to what’s really important in life, it has reminded me that we truly do live in paradise if we’d only allow ourselves to perceive it.  Listening to the birds, spotting the odd whale, walking in nature and hearing its song, journeying through various ethereal landscapes during a gonging session and communing with other sacred souls are all reminders of our Souls journey.  The stresses and pains of our physical reality can just drop away and be replaced by a world filled with vivd colors, synchronicity and an eternal collection of art works , if we’d only allow it.

Pythagoras believed that the music of the spheres, the sounds of the heavenly bodies as they moved through space could be realized……. While at the Gap this morning I wrote a beautiful song with a profound message with the inspiration and assistance of a musician friend who has passed over.  It was a reminder to let go of old ways of thinking and surrender to life and the light. Music has the power to dissolve differences and dysfunctions and bring unity and connectedness back in. Music has the power to alter our frequency and affect our wellbeing therefore be mindful of the music and lyrics you choose to listen to.

Recent weeks has seen the renovating of our clinic by all of us gathering together with paint brushes, scrapers, rollers and tape and going on a painting frenzy. This was followed by a Metakinetic energetic clearing of the building by myself and the result was spectacular.  It is like the building has come to life again and is singing. Sue has started in my room on a monday and the odd friday doing massage and Nutritional Naturopathy.  She is contactable on 0404 453 702.

I continue to do my clinic work and distant healing being spurred on by the wonderful changes I see in peoples lives and their inspiring feedback.  After a 2 week stint in Broome at the end of July I will commence running a series of courses including Dimensional Healing which I developed in or to share my knowledge and my unique way of working with clients.  Please refer to Upcoming Events for more details.

Recently I gave a talk at the Angel Networking Australia luncheon in Fremantle which was very well received and saw not only the sale of many meditations CDs but the meeting of many amazing people.

The Dalai Lama and the Guyto monks recently visited fremantle with a wonderful talk in the Town Hall and a great program at Kulcha which I was very involved with. Karla and I also travelled to Margaret River with the Guyto monks for a wonderful weekend and we both felt very blessed by their presence both in our homes and in our hearts. Playing the piano to Gen Lama and the monks in my lounge room was certainly a highlight.

So all in all it has been an amazing time filled with many magical moments.  Stay safe, enjoy the full moon and be at peace.  Blessings Maryanne

Unity rather than separation is the key

Well life seems to be changing at a fast pace at present and taking its toll on people making it very important to keep yourself balanced and aligned through daily practices that keep you centred such as meditation, yoga, music, walking in nature or sitting quietly in reflection.

Recent events in my life have seen a change of plans for me – I have decided to continue operating my clinic out of 24 Norfolk Street Fremantle as an investor has bought the building and there is no urgency to move just yet.  I have also decided to run a Tuesday evening group in Healing and Spirituality as a result of numerous requests and perceived need in the community for some of the knowledge I have to share. We will cover numerous topics, do a nightly meditation and incorporate sound/music and colour into the group. It is open to all to join in on a weekly basis or when available and the cost is $20 including supper. We will begin each Tuesday at 7.30pm. Please call to reserve your place and find out the address.

In preparation for the energy shifts currently happening in 2011/12 I am also beginning to run the “Enter the Gateway” weekend workshop during which we’ll do a lot of clearing, healing, realigning and gaining of clarity through creatively expressive processes, meditation and sharing. I will be running one in Perth in June and one in Broome in August.

At times when life appears to challenge us it is a golden opportunity to tap into resources (both within us and around us) that can assist us and help us gain strength and knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Unity rather than separation is the key. I encourage you to come together in whatever ways you can to support each other and honour the process that we are all navigating our way through. A beautiful gathering for Peace organised by the Brahma Kumaris incorporating representatives from many religions that exist in our city is happening at Challenge Stadium on Sunday 22nd May 4.00-8.00pm and is open to all. This is a wonderful opportunity for unity.

Have a wonderful month and keep sharing the love.


The Pink Breathe

Well I’ve finally settled back in to my life in Perth again after the big trip to the US.  The building that has dutifully housed my clinic for the past nine years is being sold so I will be moving in May. I have found a wonderful space to work out of at the Wellness Centre, 7 Ellen St Fremantle, where I’ll be working alongside Emily Sist who does network chiropractics and Sue Bartoll who is a Nutritional Naturopath and Masseuse. I am very excited about the move and have great visions for the future. Once I am settled in I will be running my meditation groups and other small workshops and groups from there also. The final date for the move is not yet set however I will definitely be in full operation in my new clinic by the first week in June. In the meantime I can be found at my Norfolk St clinic.

Currently we are facing a lot of change on the earth and in our lives and we are being force out of our comfort zones enabling us to see the bigger picture and to do life differently in certain ways. With the events in Japan we saw the world come together as one heart with love, compassion and caring for those affected. Although we may never have experienced a catastrophe of that magnitude in our own lives and therefore cannot fully understand what those people are going through, we can send them our blessings. If we all simply did the “Pink Breathe” everyday around anyone in the cosmos who needs it we could help enormously.

The Pink Breathe is:

Breathe in the colour pink through your heart centre, fill your body up with pink, and then breathe pink out through your heart centre and around the cosmos.  Repeat this as many times a day as you wish.  If there is something in our own life that needs healing, do likewise and breathe the pink breathe around you and the situations or person.

This is a powerful technique and I have seen it work almost miracles in certain situations. What it does is that it brings unconditional love and light to the situations bringing about the best outcome for the greater good of all. With many people exiting this world at present it is important that we bring healing, balance and harmony back in as life changes around us.

I am beginning to run my “Enter the Gateway/Connect to your Divine Life Purpose” workshop where though out the weekend we journey together using creativity (art, writing, music and song), visualisations, meditations and contemplations to affect real life change in our lives. We address fears and blockages, old baggage and stuck patterns, clear the chakras and explore their powers, connect to ancient wisdom and forgotten skills, connect back into our core soul energy and our Divine Life Purpose. This is an opportunity to bring about real change in your life and get on track in a powerful and positive away.

I will be teaching many more workshops over the next few months so visit my website regularly to see what’s on.

Have a wonderful month

Love and Light


Mermaids and Dolphins

Maryanne with Doreen Virtue

Maryanne with Doreen Virtue, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Wow what an incredible period the last six weeks have been on the planet and in my life. Boarding the plane for the USA on January 25th I knew was the beginning of a huge journey in more ways than one, and so it has been.  So much to tell, however in this newsletter I want to speak of the amazing Hay House Cruise/Conference I attended in the Caribbean. With 1700 like minded souls on board the Westerdam we cruised from one idealic location to another whilst learning from such iconic greats as Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Doreen Virtue, Carolyn Myss, Dr Brian Weiss, Greg Braeden and many many more. The learning and sharing was not confined to the lecture rooms and the Hay House authors but included almost every soul I conversed with at meal times, in the piano bar, the Crows Nest and even the dance floor or out on the deck searching for the stars. I felt like I was on a boat full of stars – people with incredible stories, visions, legacies and wisdom and they came from all over the globe.  I feel like I met my global soul family and certainly plan to connect in as I move around the globe in the future.

The writers program that I attended was invaluable and filled in the gaps for me especially in relation to getting published and promoting myself. We had the opportunity to hear from many of those that drive the Hay House engine including the USA, Australian and Indian heads. It was wonderful to personally meet Leon from Hay House in Sydney after hearing his name mentioned may times over the years by my friend and colleague Rachelle.

I came away from the conference with such an expanded version of what was possible in my life and my business that I wrote a good part of one my books on the flight back from San Francisco to Perth. The words just poured out of me as if someone had filled me with writers juice to over flowing and it spilled onto the pages one after the other. It felt like I was in a writers frenzy and I’m sure the Canadian sitting next to me must have wondered what I was on. Just high on life and fully inspired!

Bumping into Greg Braden in the corridor, Brian Weiss in the Crows Nest, Wayne Dyer in the Piano Bar, Leon at the chocolate fiesta and Carolyn Myss over a game of “Identikit” (check out her website and newsletter where I am featured in a photograph with her and two others) was topped off by Doreen. Having cycled around the island of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas seeing some of the most pristine natural environments including stingrays swimming amongst people, horses being ridden by the beach and flora resembling that of Australian in parts I then lunched with a beautiful soul sister from Findhorn called Dorota. We then headed to the Pirates Ship Bar by the beach where I got a couple of dances in before the band stopped playing and I headed into the turquoise blue for long swim. I ducked and dived like a dolphin, swam with vigour then floated peacefully, silently in the sea of healing blue water. It seemed like hours passed by before I  alighted from the water to find a mermaid at the water’s edge. I looked, then looked again and realised it was Doreen Virtue (the mermaid) in Mermaid Paradise. I sat down next to Doreen and spoke of mermaids and dolphins and a mutual friend and although I had no mermaid suit on I felt like dolphin come mermaid sitting there beside her. How appropriate I thought since I’ve always been a water baby. I have had some incredible experiences with dolphins including the one on my CD Dolphin Initiation Mediations and l have always loved Doreen’s mermaids and dolphins cards (the first set of hers I ever bought) So that is how the photo on the front of this newsletter came to be and thank you to the wonderful person who so skilfully shot the picture on my camera.

I have so much more to share about my trip and the amazing people I met along the way, so stay tuned. I highly recommend the annual You Can Do it at Sea Hay House conference as it was not only inspiring and enlightening for me, it was also expanding – expanding out into the infinite possibilities where there are no limits.

This newsletter covers the February and March newsletter and from now on I will send out my newsletter in the first week of each month, so stay tuned for the April update.

New horizons…

Well it’s the eleventh hour and I’m about to step onto the plane for San Francisco – my first visit to mainland USA – to connect into the worldwide community in my industry. I will be boarding a Cruise Ship at Ft Lauderdale in Florida to attend a week-long conference with Hay House America. So with my new Meditation CD’s in my bag and my wonderfully professional flyers produced by Leanne I excitedly head off on this adventure to spread my Light, expand my network and make my dreams realities in a powerfully positive way. Stay tuned for what transpires so be sure to read next month’s newsletter.

Recently I was loaned a book called “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen that basically advocates 21 days without gossiping, complaining or criticizing – what a world we can create by following this simple principle.  I encourage you all to seek it out on the web and order your “Complaint Free” bracelet.

Another amusing video via the web sent to me by my Aboriginal elder friend in Victoria, Junitta, spoke of a medicine free hospital in China that healed purely using sound and showed a video of a tumour disappearing in three minutes with such therapy. Greg Braden (a known and respected international scientist) was describing the reason this was possible in scientific terms – he will be on the conference and is someone I will seek out for an informal conversation. Wow! Finally we have scientific explanation for what we’ve known for a long time truly works.

Must go, a plane to catch – talk to you next month.


This Land has Many Faces – From Wine to Wisdom

Here I am sitting outside our stone walled chalet named after the great forest giant Karri, with the afternoons sun warming my back, the birds surrounding me and the pate, caviar and green olive tapenade reminding me of the finer things in life. A weekend in Denmark with three other wonderful writer friends has seen us gather “a lot of insights (and fine wine and cheese)” for future writings, share a lot of stories and sample a bit of the local produce. Not only have we visited some of nature’s most sacred sites such as Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks and Madfish Bay but we have boosted the local economy significantly by purchasing some of the sampled produce as well as supporting the local Xmas market down by the river’s edge. Tossing up between a visit to Madfish winery or a cuppa with Kumara on his magical veranda with billion dollar views saw us win out with a cup of tea in our hands, birds of all types flying round us as if in an aviary and a discussion on the Art of Being. According to Mark Kumara (author of The Art of Being and the Dragon Wisdom Cards) it is all about the three A’s- Awake, Aware and Allow! If we are Awake enough in ourselves to be Aware of our “true unconditioned selves/our God Within, then we can peel away the layers and Allow it to reveal itself. “It is not about becoming more spiritual it’s about allowing more of what is already there to reveal itself’ said Kumara.

After all, although we are oneness we are also a combination of oer three very distinct selves – our conditioned self carrying the various cloaks of conditioning that we have gathered throughout history; our personality self, being our way of presenting ourselves to the world that is outwardly unique to us; and our true inner selves being who we truly are underneath all those other layers when we finally peel them back to reveal the “gem” within each of us.

So as you may have guessed, a weekend of fun and frivolity and interesting literary discussions was topped off by a lesson in the Art of Being in a very experiential way.  This is why I have dubbed this weekend “from Wine to Wisdom.”

A dance to the band at the markets and a boogie at the Civic Centre to Dunumba saw us get the exercise so needed to work off all that we had consumed. The following day we headed for the Sandalwood factory in Albany to have a gonging session before finally embarking on the homeward part of our journey.

So with a relaxed being and renewed insights into life I have now stepped back into the Christmas Crazy Dance and am enjoying it. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and many blessing for the New Year of 2011.  Please remember to give gratitude for all that 2010 presented to you, and to set more powerful intentions for the next part of your journey.


The Divine Light…

The past month has kept me extremely busy and with great results.  I have finally finished the recording of the Divine Light Meditation Series of 8 CD’s and am in the process of designing CD covers to get them ready for production. I am very excited as the meditations are powerful and transformational. The music backing the meditation is my original music and only adds to the healing power of the CDs.

As I was recording the meditations the series revealed itself to me and I realised the power of the project I was undertaking. The Divine Light series takes you on a journey beginning with mind and body relaxation and letting go of the past (CD1) to balancing the chakras (CD2), letting go of fear and connecting with your inner jewel (CD3), activating the heart chakra in the dolphin initiation (CD4), activating your core soul energy and balancing out masculine and feminine energy (CD5), accessing ancient wisdom and forgotten skills (CD6), connecting to the Ascended Masters, mystics and your guides (CD7) and finally connecting to your Divine Life Purpose/Your Soul’s Journey in Himalaya (CD8). As soon as the covers are designed they will all be sent off for production and then be available for sale – I am so excited!

Another long dreamed of project came to fruition also in the past month – The Divine Essences Chakra Anointing Oils – a set of seven anointing oils beautifully packaged in their own small case and I am offering these as my special this month. I have already sold a number of sets with wonderful feedback.

Over the past month I also assisted Rachelle Charman in her advanced Crystal Healing and Shamanic Workshop which was powerful and transformational.  We then journeyed down south to Denmark for a few days where nature spoke to me and inspired me yet again to get into my writing and music. So the ball is rolling and I am returning to Denmark in December for a writer’s retreat with a group of writing buddies.

I also completed my Reiki masters this month and will begin teaching Reiki in 2011. My journey with Reiki over the past 12 months has been powerful, insightful and transformational giving me a real sense of “coming home” to something I knew long ago.

There is so much more to tell and it will have to wait for the December Newsletter as I really must get this out now. Keep enjoying the festive season and check my website for new additions.

PS  Two new essences were made by me recently – “Creation Day” (the world’s greatest motivator truly living up to its name) and “One Balance” (balancing out your energy field even when you feel at your worst!)