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Product Feature – Space and Energy Spritzer

A combination of Essential Oils, Shell and Flower Essences and crystal vibration in distilled water to help cleanse the aura (energy field around the body) and any area. This spritzer was made by Divine guidance and has been used by many therapists to cleanse and rebalance the energy in their clinic rooms after each session. It allows residual energy left behind by a person or persons in any room, building, space or energy field to be cleared. This re-creates a sense of clarity, harmony and vibrancy.

Space and Energy Spritzer has been used to energetically cleanse jewellery and other possessions previously owned by another person. It is excellent to spray around the body (in the auric field) after being in a crowd, an expo, a festival, pub or any situation where exposed to large numbers of people. Also after experiencing conflict, ill-will, anger or bombardment from all sides it will help one re-group and regain clarity and composure.

Product Feature – Divine Light Meditation Series

The Divine Light Meditation Series of CD’s are finally complete and off being produced. This has been an incredible journey that began way back in 2003 so I am really excited to finally bring it to fruition. My meditation group is already experiencing the benefits of these wonderful creations and the feedback has been amazing. Not only do they like the meditations and the music in behind them but they are witnessing the transformation within themselves as we move through the series.

The Divine Light Meditation Series consists of 8 Meditation CD’s:

Enter the Gateway meditation
CD1: Enter the Gateway Meditation – Let Go of Old Baggage

Enter the Gateway Meditation CD includes a full body relaxation, a breathe meditation and a guided visualisation to release old baggage before stepping through the gateway

Chakra meditation CD2: Chakra Meditation – Balance the Body’s Energy Field

The Chakra Meditation enables us to release stuck energy from each of the seven major chakras and bring balance and harmony back into the body’s energy field.

CD3: Oceanic Crystal Cave Meditation – Let Go of Fear

Oceanic Crystal Cave Meditation guides us through a beautifully powerful process to let go of fears in our lives and to reconnect with the jewel within all of us.

Dolphin Initiation CD4: Dolphin Initiation Meditation – Heart Activation

The Dolphin Initiation Meditation is based on a profound experience that Maryanne had in Western Australia in 1985 when she was circled by a school of dolphins and included in a sacred ritual that changed her life.  This meditation opens the heart chakra and activates creativity and healing.

City of Light Meditation CD5: City of Light Meditation – Activate Your Core Soul Energy and Balance Feminine and Masculine Energy (Guided Visualisation to the Crystal City)

The City of Light Meditation was inspired by an experience that Maryanne had in 2002 in Western Australia. This guided visualisation has a powerfully healing effect on the individual, activating core Soul Energy, balancing out the masculine and feminine and leaving one with a peaceful heart.

Egypt/Book of Wisdom meditation CD6: Egypt/Book of Wisdom Meditation – Access Ancient Wisdom and Forgotten Knowledge

The Egypt/Book of Wisdom Meditation is based on an experience Maryanne had during a spiritual healing meditation in the 1990’s.  During this meditation one is taken to the Great Pyramid in Egypt to access Ancient wisdom and forgotten skills through the Book of Knowledge.

Ascended Masters meditation CD7: Ascended Masters Meditation – Connect to the Ascended Masters, Mystics and Guides

The Ascended Masters meditation was channelled through by Maryanne and is a favourite of many. It creates an opportunity to sit in meditation with the Ascended Masters and Mystics and connect to one’s guides.

Himalayan meditation CD8: Himalayan Meditation – Accessing Your Divine Life Purpose

The Himalayan Meditation takes us on a journey to the Himalayas tuning us into our minuteness and our greatness all at the same time. This powerful meditation connects us into our Divine Life Purpose and our Soul’s Journey.

This is a self contained meditation course that introduces you to numerous meditation techniques, helps you clear the fears etc that get in your way in life, connects you into forgotten wisdom, clears the body’s chakras and energy field etc and connects you into your Divine Life Purpose.

I invite you to use these CD’s daily and transform your life simply by setting aside 30-45 minutes per day, press play and allow yourself to be taken on the journey of your life!

Anointing Oils are available now!

On Sale for the month of November – normally $108, now $85 + p/h for the full set of oils – buy now

Anointing oils are used to anoint the body as a means to bring it back into balance and harmony. The anointing of the body, the hands and the feet dates back millennia and was even practiced in biblical times. This ritual has served a powerful function in many cultures to not only bring balance and harmony back into the life of the individual but also to nurture the soul on its journey in the lifetime.

One of more oils can be chosen intuitively by placing your hands above the oils and selecting those that you are most drawn to. This can also be done using a pendulum, muscle testing or any other method of selecting.

This is a very beautiful and nurturing ritual that can be performed daily, or as often as you wish.

Each of the Divine Essences anointing oils are made from pure essential oils, essences, sacred geometry and symbols, cycles of the moon, crystals, colours and a carrier oil

These oils should not be used if pregnant.

There are 7 different Divine Essence Anointing Oils with each one working on a different chakra:

  • Base Chakra Anointing Oil which helps balance out any issues relating to physical health and well being, money issues, housing, safety and security etc
  • Sacral Chakra Anointing Oil which helps to balance out any issues relating to sexuality, creativity, feeling emotions etc
  • Solar Plexus Anointing Oil which helps balance out any issues relating to self worth, personal power, self esteem and how you see yourself in the world.
  • Heart Chakra Anointing Oil which helps balance out issues relation to relationships, giving and receiving of love, self love etc
  • Throat Chakra Anointing Oil which assists with speaking your truth, communication, expressing your emotions and creativity or creative expression.
  • Brow Chakra Anointing Oil which brings us back in touch with our intuitive side enabling us to hear our messages more clearly and to listen to and be guided by our Higher Selves. It also helps to clear other peoples’ energy out of our beings brining greater clarity; it can also help improve memory and the ability to learn.
  • Crown Chakra Anointing Oil which assists with connecting to Divine energy and out Divine Life Purpose by releasing old dogmas and reactive energies that are no longer serving our Highest good.

Buy now and save – Full set of Anointing Oils on sale until the end of November

October Product Feature – 7 Sisters Essence

This is the essence to get things done – it is the ultimate de-procrastinator and is what I have been taking over the past month to help me stay focused and on track. Seven Sisters essence heals the past and past lives so that we can step forward from this moment on, lightly and unencumbered by old baggage.  Extra power has been bought to the essence to keep unwanted influences away while pursuing our full potential, making good of every opportunity to see the magic in life for the greater good of all.  It will assist in the birthing of new ideas, their development and maturity to a level where they have a life of their own so that we can then move onto our next brilliant idea.

Seven Sisters encompasses the power

  • Of the sacred feminine
  • The creative force
  • The divine power of Inner Knowing (intuition)
  • Reconnect to past knowledge
  • Remove past life trauma and fears
  • Our sacred connection to all

Purchase Seven Sisters Essence

September Product Feature – MAJESETM

In 2005 a dear friend of mine, Jean, phoned me and said “Spirit told me to tell you that you are going to make something that is going to help a lot of people on the planet”. I immediately replied “Like what?” and Jean simply said “I don’t know but I know it’s got something to do with plants.”

Well, I promptly filed that comment into the deep recesses of the mind without giving it too much energy.  Then later that week when I was buying bottles for my essences and was waiting for them to be counted, a remedy on the shelf seemed to “jump out at me”. I enquired about it and decided to purchase it without really knowing why or what I’d use it for.

A few days later I woke up with excruciating pain in my left arm.  I could not lift it, move it or use it without worsening an already unbearable pain.  I felt like I had a dead arm.  Against my better judgment I went to work at my clinic simply because I had clients who had flown in from the country and I didn’t want to let them down.  However I had to concede defeat part way through the day when I almost passed out with the pain and my client asked “are you OK? You don’t look good.”

I attempted to heal my arm and although it helped, the pain still persisted.  It wasn’t until I returned home and collapsed exhausted onto the lounge resolved to cancel the following days work in my clinic that I heard “the little voice” it said “Go and mix x, y and z together and rub it on your arm.”  “What, are you crazy?” was my immediate thought but I was desperate and decided to give it a go.

Within less than ten minutes there was no sign that I’d ever had a problem.  The pain was gone, my energy was back, I had full movement of my arm and I sat there in disbelief.

“Oh my God” I thought, “is this the magic potion or what! Now I see this is why I had to buy that remedy the other day.”

The following day I was heading down to the Fairbridge music festival and as I drove along in my van with my bottle of “magic potion” sitting on my front seat, a bright flash bulb flashed in my mind – it was a “Eureka moment!”  Suddenly I said “Oh my God, is this what Jean was talking about?” and back came the answer (the “little voice” returns) yes and you’ve got to call it MAJESE which stands for muscle and joint ease.  I then started to write this word down and was promptly guided as to the correct spelling without the ‘a’. “How precise do you want to get?” I thought.

On arrival I shared my story with my friends with one friend a carer for the elderly, asked immediately if she could use my potion to ease her back ache.  In order that she could dance on the weekend needless to say, she danced all weekend without a problem.

And so it is that MAJESE was born and has since journeyed to Europe, the Camino de Santiago, England, Ireland, the USA, and many parts of Australia.

With only word of mouth advertising to date it has certainly spread its magic far and wide and will continue to do so.  I have received many testimonials from all over the world and include some of these below.  Let Majese work its magic in your life and fulfil its Divine Purpose


I used MAJESE on my back and elbow and the pain I’d had for years subsided much to the surprise of my Doctor and myself. – MW

My father had a fall which left him hospitalised and unable to walk. MAJESE was rubbed on his legs and he was able to walk again.  The Doctors in attendance were very keen to know more about the product. – PW

While exercising I strained my adductor muscle in my leg which severely restricted my ability to walk without pain.  After several visits to my physiotherapist and ongoing stretching exercises over a three month period, the improvements in my leg were minimal.  However after applying MAJESE the pain disappeared after two days. – GS

My partner suffers from anxiety and insomnia. On those nights where he has trouble winding down and falling to sleep, I just massage a little MAJESE into his back and he is asleep within minutes. – CB