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New horizons…

Well it’s the eleventh hour and I’m about to step onto the plane for San Francisco – my first visit to mainland USA – to connect into the worldwide community in my industry. I will be boarding a Cruise Ship at Ft Lauderdale in Florida to attend a week-long conference with Hay House America. So with my new Meditation CD’s in my bag and my wonderfully professional flyers produced by Leanne I excitedly head off on this adventure to spread my Light, expand my network and make my dreams realities in a powerfully positive way. Stay tuned for what transpires so be sure to read next month’s newsletter.

Recently I was loaned a book called “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen that basically advocates 21 days without gossiping, complaining or criticizing – what a world we can create by following this simple principle.  I encourage you all to seek it out on the web and order your “Complaint Free” bracelet.

Another amusing video via the web sent to me by my Aboriginal elder friend in Victoria, Junitta, spoke of a medicine free hospital in China that healed purely using sound and showed a video of a tumour disappearing in three minutes with such therapy. Greg Braden (a known and respected international scientist) was describing the reason this was possible in scientific terms – he will be on the conference and is someone I will seek out for an informal conversation. Wow! Finally we have scientific explanation for what we’ve known for a long time truly works.

Must go, a plane to catch – talk to you next month.


3 Responses to “New horizons…”

  • Penny Hilburn:

    Hi Maryanne,
    It is Penny from the Chris Howard Crew, it has been a while, and I am so happy to
    see all that you are expanding in your life. Fantastic. have a great cruise.
    I have had trouble ordering from your site, since I am in the USA. However, just wanted to say “Good on you”. Lots of love and light to you, special lady.

  • oh wow, how exhilerating, how exciting for you. Go get them girl, you already are he he!!! I’ve been working with the principal of complaint free world for quite sometime with myself. So would be very interested to read their way of doing it. Enjoy your amazing trip.
    thanks darling. Living your passion, me too in a quieter way love youxxx

  • Maryanne Butler:

    Hi Penny,

    We have added shipping rates for USA, Canada and NZ today :-)

    Kind regards,
    Leanne for Maryanne

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