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Mermaids and Dolphins

Maryanne with Doreen Virtue

Maryanne with Doreen Virtue, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Wow what an incredible period the last six weeks have been on the planet and in my life. Boarding the plane for the USA on January 25th I knew was the beginning of a huge journey in more ways than one, and so it has been.  So much to tell, however in this newsletter I want to speak of the amazing Hay House Cruise/Conference I attended in the Caribbean. With 1700 like minded souls on board the Westerdam we cruised from one idealic location to another whilst learning from such iconic greats as Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Doreen Virtue, Carolyn Myss, Dr Brian Weiss, Greg Braeden and many many more. The learning and sharing was not confined to the lecture rooms and the Hay House authors but included almost every soul I conversed with at meal times, in the piano bar, the Crows Nest and even the dance floor or out on the deck searching for the stars. I felt like I was on a boat full of stars – people with incredible stories, visions, legacies and wisdom and they came from all over the globe.  I feel like I met my global soul family and certainly plan to connect in as I move around the globe in the future.

The writers program that I attended was invaluable and filled in the gaps for me especially in relation to getting published and promoting myself. We had the opportunity to hear from many of those that drive the Hay House engine including the USA, Australian and Indian heads. It was wonderful to personally meet Leon from Hay House in Sydney after hearing his name mentioned may times over the years by my friend and colleague Rachelle.

I came away from the conference with such an expanded version of what was possible in my life and my business that I wrote a good part of one my books on the flight back from San Francisco to Perth. The words just poured out of me as if someone had filled me with writers juice to over flowing and it spilled onto the pages one after the other. It felt like I was in a writers frenzy and I’m sure the Canadian sitting next to me must have wondered what I was on. Just high on life and fully inspired!

Bumping into Greg Braden in the corridor, Brian Weiss in the Crows Nest, Wayne Dyer in the Piano Bar, Leon at the chocolate fiesta and Carolyn Myss over a game of “Identikit” (check out her website and newsletter where I am featured in a photograph with her and two others) was topped off by Doreen. Having cycled around the island of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas seeing some of the most pristine natural environments including stingrays swimming amongst people, horses being ridden by the beach and flora resembling that of Australian in parts I then lunched with a beautiful soul sister from Findhorn called Dorota. We then headed to the Pirates Ship Bar by the beach where I got a couple of dances in before the band stopped playing and I headed into the turquoise blue for long swim. I ducked and dived like a dolphin, swam with vigour then floated peacefully, silently in the sea of healing blue water. It seemed like hours passed by before I  alighted from the water to find a mermaid at the water’s edge. I looked, then looked again and realised it was Doreen Virtue (the mermaid) in Mermaid Paradise. I sat down next to Doreen and spoke of mermaids and dolphins and a mutual friend and although I had no mermaid suit on I felt like dolphin come mermaid sitting there beside her. How appropriate I thought since I’ve always been a water baby. I have had some incredible experiences with dolphins including the one on my CD Dolphin Initiation Mediations and l have always loved Doreen’s mermaids and dolphins cards (the first set of hers I ever bought) So that is how the photo on the front of this newsletter came to be and thank you to the wonderful person who so skilfully shot the picture on my camera.

I have so much more to share about my trip and the amazing people I met along the way, so stay tuned. I highly recommend the annual You Can Do it at Sea Hay House conference as it was not only inspiring and enlightening for me, it was also expanding – expanding out into the infinite possibilities where there are no limits.

This newsletter covers the February and March newsletter and from now on I will send out my newsletter in the first week of each month, so stay tuned for the April update.

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