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Unity rather than separation is the key

Well life seems to be changing at a fast pace at present and taking its toll on people making it very important to keep yourself balanced and aligned through daily practices that keep you centred such as meditation, yoga, music, walking in nature or sitting quietly in reflection.

Recent events in my life have seen a change of plans for me – I have decided to continue operating my clinic out of 24 Norfolk Street Fremantle as an investor has bought the building and there is no urgency to move just yet.  I have also decided to run a Tuesday evening group in Healing and Spirituality as a result of numerous requests and perceived need in the community for some of the knowledge I have to share. We will cover numerous topics, do a nightly meditation and incorporate sound/music and colour into the group. It is open to all to join in on a weekly basis or when available and the cost is $20 including supper. We will begin each Tuesday at 7.30pm. Please call to reserve your place and find out the address.

In preparation for the energy shifts currently happening in 2011/12 I am also beginning to run the “Enter the Gateway” weekend workshop during which we’ll do a lot of clearing, healing, realigning and gaining of clarity through creatively expressive processes, meditation and sharing. I will be running one in Perth in June and one in Broome in August.

At times when life appears to challenge us it is a golden opportunity to tap into resources (both within us and around us) that can assist us and help us gain strength and knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Unity rather than separation is the key. I encourage you to come together in whatever ways you can to support each other and honour the process that we are all navigating our way through. A beautiful gathering for Peace organised by the Brahma Kumaris incorporating representatives from many religions that exist in our city is happening at Challenge Stadium on Sunday 22nd May 4.00-8.00pm and is open to all. This is a wonderful opportunity for unity.

Have a wonderful month and keep sharing the love.


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