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Surrender to life and the light

Here I am sitting in my friends lounge room with 180 degree views of Frenchmans Bay, a rainbow placing its pot of gold down one end of the bay and the ‘tail of the whale’ in the landscape being washed by misty rain at the other end.  This self-imposed 6 day retreat has not only brought me back to what’s really important in life, it has reminded me that we truly do live in paradise if we’d only allow ourselves to perceive it.  Listening to the birds, spotting the odd whale, walking in nature and hearing its song, journeying through various ethereal landscapes during a gonging session and communing with other sacred souls are all reminders of our Souls journey.  The stresses and pains of our physical reality can just drop away and be replaced by a world filled with vivd colors, synchronicity and an eternal collection of art works , if we’d only allow it.

Pythagoras believed that the music of the spheres, the sounds of the heavenly bodies as they moved through space could be realized……. While at the Gap this morning I wrote a beautiful song with a profound message with the inspiration and assistance of a musician friend who has passed over.  It was a reminder to let go of old ways of thinking and surrender to life and the light. Music has the power to dissolve differences and dysfunctions and bring unity and connectedness back in. Music has the power to alter our frequency and affect our wellbeing therefore be mindful of the music and lyrics you choose to listen to.

Recent weeks has seen the renovating of our clinic by all of us gathering together with paint brushes, scrapers, rollers and tape and going on a painting frenzy. This was followed by a Metakinetic energetic clearing of the building by myself and the result was spectacular.  It is like the building has come to life again and is singing. Sue has started in my room on a monday and the odd friday doing massage and Nutritional Naturopathy.  She is contactable on 0404 453 702.

I continue to do my clinic work and distant healing being spurred on by the wonderful changes I see in peoples lives and their inspiring feedback.  After a 2 week stint in Broome at the end of July I will commence running a series of courses including Dimensional Healing which I developed in or to share my knowledge and my unique way of working with clients.  Please refer to Upcoming Events for more details.

Recently I gave a talk at the Angel Networking Australia luncheon in Fremantle which was very well received and saw not only the sale of many meditations CDs but the meeting of many amazing people.

The Dalai Lama and the Guyto monks recently visited fremantle with a wonderful talk in the Town Hall and a great program at Kulcha which I was very involved with. Karla and I also travelled to Margaret River with the Guyto monks for a wonderful weekend and we both felt very blessed by their presence both in our homes and in our hearts. Playing the piano to Gen Lama and the monks in my lounge room was certainly a highlight.

So all in all it has been an amazing time filled with many magical moments.  Stay safe, enjoy the full moon and be at peace.  Blessings Maryanne

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  • debra lee:

    life sounds amazing for you and your new song sounds like the wow factor love to you dear friend xxxx

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