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Summer 2011/2012

While walking along the beach the other day being very present I had a powerful realization about focus and where we put our focus. What I really got was that when we put our focus on what makes our heart sing that magic happens, dreams reveal and dreams manifest. By following our inner guidance, recognizing distractions along the way, acknowledging them and letting them go as we continue towards our original destination is when we find ‘the pot of gold’ at the end of our rainbow.

It is when we truly listen to those inner messages and follow through that true magic happens – it starts to appear as if we are living in a magic bubble where all of our wishes become a reality.  Getting clear through meditation, spending time in nature or taking some time out for quiet contemplation enables us to connect back into our Soul Self where we live a life filled with synchronicity and dreams manifest.  Becoming ‘thought responsible’ is very important here because not only are we capable of manifesting the good things we dream up but the not so good ones also.  Thought is the beginning of manifestation so clean up your thoughts and watch your life transform before your eyes.  If you have trouble having pure thoughts towards a certain person or situation simply repeat “I love, thank you” continually as you hold them or it in your mind.  This can clear whatever in you contributes to the manifestation of this dysfunction.  Christmas is a good time to do some of this clearing around friends and family and situations we find ourselves in.  Why not have your dream Christmas.

Christmas is a great time for celebrating life and for giving and receiving so why not do this on all levels.  The physical is often well taken care of with gifts exchanged and feasts prepared, however remember also the emotional level and offer love and support to those who are alone or have experienced loss in their lives. A part of ourselves that is often forgotten at this time is our Soul Self, that side of ourselves that requires quiet time, contemplation and meditation to remain connected, nurtured and activated.  So throughout the festive season take some time out  for yourself (20 – 30 minutes/day) and you’ll stay in the flow/ in the magic zone.  Try it out and you may have your dream Christmas.

My special offer over the festive season will help you do just that – with every set of 8 meditation CDs (your Home Meditation course) purchased for $200 I am giving away a purse pack Space & Energy Spritzer (valued at $15) as a gift.  This Spritzer can be sprayed around  your body, car, house or office etc to clear any disruptive energy thereby bringing you and your environment back into harmony.  What a bonus!  What a wonderful world we’d have if we did both these things daily.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, New Year and entry into 2012 and thank you for all your blessings and support.  May your life be filled with love, light and dreams manifest as you continue on your exciting journey,

Maryanne (Now working out of Shop 7, 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle)

(My Newsletters are now put out quarterly so stay tuned for my Autumn edition.)

One Response to “Summer 2011/2012”

  • Hi darling lady, so very true, I am sharing quiet time with myself after my new business of home organizing/space clearing took off. I’ll have to get some of your space clearing essence, but I’d like it in a bigger bottle. I can play my space clearing CD Pure Voice and spray your loving essence. I wont need to do much work after that except for the physical he he!!!!. Loving life, challenged by the worst ulcers evers, but so happy and peaceful. I feel I am blessed with the most magical healing garden ever. Cleared my migraines out of my life, now clearing ulcers from my system.
    Happinesss always to you angel lady. have the bestest most loving 2012 ever. love and hugs to you Debra Lee xxxx

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