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Summer 2015/2016

Happy New Year for 2016 and may it bring  much light, love and inspiration into your life. Well it’s been a while since I sent out one of my newsletters and a lot has happened – I now run my clinic out of my studio in Medina along with my full and new moon meditations and some of my courses.

I am excited about what the future holds and plan to head off to Spain again this year around May to walk the Camino de Santiago and take my work to the wider world. Currently I am completing books that I have been writing and taking steps to record my music along with uploading my meditations to be sold as a download on the internet.

Between now and leaving in April 2016 I plan to run a series of courses here in Perth and maybe in Exmouth which will be listed later in this newsletter.

Once on the road I will be offering consults/distant healings via skype or phone and plan to organize numerous courses, retreats and possibly adventures abroad that people can join me in.  My website( is being updated at present and will soon list all that which is on offer and will be constantly updated as my journey evolves.  I plan to write a blogg on my travels so stay tuned.

Seeing a lot of changes in people’s lives in recent years and farewelling some who are no longer with us on the physical plain has made me more determined to ‘seize the day’ and start really living my dream rather than just dreaming it. So I’ve given in to the gypsy spirit in me yet again and I’m off for an indeterminate length of time to explore my inner realm, share my gifts and be of service. Putting things off can sometimes kill the ‘spirit’ in which the original idea was born so my new word for 2016 is TRUST and just go with it!

We may not know what is around the corner but whatever it is will only create an element of surprise and an opportunity for growth. Always “knowing” what tomorrow will bring (or creating that illusion for ourselves) can often produce stagnation and a loss of motivation. So 2016 for me is a year of INSPIRATION (ie motivation from within) and trust and who knows where it will land me – I’m sure just where I need to be at the time.

I wish you all an inspired year and a time of growth towards the light.  Meditation/ Mindfulness and Inner Reflection are more and more necessary as our lives speed up when we get caught up in the momentum of things around us. Our time out is our stabilizer, our rebalancer and our reconnection to what is real for us.

Go lightly, go easily and most of all go at your own pace,

In love and light,


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