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About Maryanne Butler

Maryanne Butler

Maryanne Butler

As a result of a near death experience during a prolonged undiagnosed illness at the age of 17, I embarked on a spiritual path and studied my Bachelor of Psychology Degree at UWA.

On completion of my degree I still felt there was something missing.  Consequently my search took me to many corners of the globe where I gained insights into many philosophies, cultures and spiritual practices including Buddhist Psychology.  In Asia I developed a number of illnesses and on returning to Australia in 1984 I developed chronic fatigue, sever allergies, asthma and hay fever. This lead me to try natural therapies including diets, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Acupuncture etc.

My lack of mobility caused me to explore my creative side incorporating art, music and writing into my life leading me back to full health and fitness within three years.

Then in 1990 a friend studying Kinesiology did a practice session on me and the immediate and ongoing benefits that I felt made me realise that it was the tool I had been looking for.   I could now tap the “deeper mind” getting to the core of the problem and rebalance what was blocking my innate ability to heal.

This ignited my interest in Vibrational healing including aromatherapy, reflexology, essences, acupressure, spiritual healing and energy work.  In my practice in Fremantle I combine all of these together with my previous knowledge of Psychology and the human psyche to treat each person wholistically on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

I believe that we are ultimately our own healers and that our ability to heal is dependent on our intentions, belief systems and perceptions.

Recognising that when I broke the chains that bound me to my state of dis-empowerment I was finally able to release the DIS-EASE from my being and truly heal, I now love to share this knowledge to help others do the same.

In my clinic I use the Divine Essences and Spritzers that I have developed along with the shell essences and various flower essences.

I hold regular workshops that give people hands on experience and expand their knowledge in various areas of healing, creativity and spirituality.

I love to give talks to interested groups to share the knowledge and insights that I have gained over the years to inspire others to reach their full potential.  I also coach people in making dreams realities in areas of their lives.

Music is also a huge part of my life and I have composed many pieces that help others heal which are currently being recorded.

Writing and art are also prominent in my life and I have a number of books on the go right now.

- Maryanne Butler 2009

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