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The Divine Light…

The past month has kept me extremely busy and with great results.  I have finally finished the recording of the Divine Light Meditation Series of 8 CD’s and am in the process of designing CD covers to get them ready for production. I am very excited as the meditations are powerful and transformational. The music backing the meditation is my original music and only adds to the healing power of the CDs.

As I was recording the meditations the series revealed itself to me and I realised the power of the project I was undertaking. The Divine Light series takes you on a journey beginning with mind and body relaxation and letting go of the past (CD1) to balancing the chakras (CD2), letting go of fear and connecting with your inner jewel (CD3), activating the heart chakra in the dolphin initiation (CD4), activating your core soul energy and balancing out masculine and feminine energy (CD5), accessing ancient wisdom and forgotten skills (CD6), connecting to the Ascended Masters, mystics and your guides (CD7) and finally connecting to your Divine Life Purpose/Your Soul’s Journey in Himalaya (CD8). As soon as the covers are designed they will all be sent off for production and then be available for sale – I am so excited!

Another long dreamed of project came to fruition also in the past month – The Divine Essences Chakra Anointing Oils – a set of seven anointing oils beautifully packaged in their own small case and I am offering these as my special this month. I have already sold a number of sets with wonderful feedback.

Over the past month I also assisted Rachelle Charman in her advanced Crystal Healing and Shamanic Workshop which was powerful and transformational.  We then journeyed down south to Denmark for a few days where nature spoke to me and inspired me yet again to get into my writing and music. So the ball is rolling and I am returning to Denmark in December for a writer’s retreat with a group of writing buddies.

I also completed my Reiki masters this month and will begin teaching Reiki in 2011. My journey with Reiki over the past 12 months has been powerful, insightful and transformational giving me a real sense of “coming home” to something I knew long ago.

There is so much more to tell and it will have to wait for the December Newsletter as I really must get this out now. Keep enjoying the festive season and check my website for new additions.

PS  Two new essences were made by me recently – “Creation Day” (the world’s greatest motivator truly living up to its name) and “One Balance” (balancing out your energy field even when you feel at your worst!)

Anointing Oils are available now!

On Sale for the month of November – normally $108, now $85 + p/h for the full set of oils – buy now

Anointing oils are used to anoint the body as a means to bring it back into balance and harmony. The anointing of the body, the hands and the feet dates back millennia and was even practiced in biblical times. This ritual has served a powerful function in many cultures to not only bring balance and harmony back into the life of the individual but also to nurture the soul on its journey in the lifetime.

One of more oils can be chosen intuitively by placing your hands above the oils and selecting those that you are most drawn to. This can also be done using a pendulum, muscle testing or any other method of selecting.

This is a very beautiful and nurturing ritual that can be performed daily, or as often as you wish.

Each of the Divine Essences anointing oils are made from pure essential oils, essences, sacred geometry and symbols, cycles of the moon, crystals, colours and a carrier oil

These oils should not be used if pregnant.

There are 7 different Divine Essence Anointing Oils with each one working on a different chakra:

  • Base Chakra Anointing Oil which helps balance out any issues relating to physical health and well being, money issues, housing, safety and security etc
  • Sacral Chakra Anointing Oil which helps to balance out any issues relating to sexuality, creativity, feeling emotions etc
  • Solar Plexus Anointing Oil which helps balance out any issues relating to self worth, personal power, self esteem and how you see yourself in the world.
  • Heart Chakra Anointing Oil which helps balance out issues relation to relationships, giving and receiving of love, self love etc
  • Throat Chakra Anointing Oil which assists with speaking your truth, communication, expressing your emotions and creativity or creative expression.
  • Brow Chakra Anointing Oil which brings us back in touch with our intuitive side enabling us to hear our messages more clearly and to listen to and be guided by our Higher Selves. It also helps to clear other peoples’ energy out of our beings brining greater clarity; it can also help improve memory and the ability to learn.
  • Crown Chakra Anointing Oil which assists with connecting to Divine energy and out Divine Life Purpose by releasing old dogmas and reactive energies that are no longer serving our Highest good.

Buy now and save – Full set of Anointing Oils on sale until the end of November

The Power of Focus

What I’d like to talk about this month is the Power of Focus – how much we can achieve if we truly put our minds to it and stay on track.

Recently I decided that I needed to go to Bali to write my book about my trip to Hawaii as I was allowing myself to get easily distracted at home by anything and everything. Its’ amazing how clean and uncluttered the house can get when I’m attempting to write or complete a project that I’ve procrastinated about for a long time. Anyway, off to Bali I go with a commitment to myself to write every morning after meditation and breakfast. Well I kept my end of the bargain and almost completed the project in only 11 days.

I had applied to myself some of the principles I had shared with clients over the years about setting goals, giving myself time limits, seeing the Bigger Picture then breaking it down into tasks that were achievable etc etc. I had coached people on Making Their Dreams Realities since the 1980’s and finally decided to apply this to my own life.

Needless to say I have achieved amazing feats since early September – Books are getting written, Meditation CD’s are being recorded, anointing oils are being made, albums are being formulated, new essences developed and on and on it goes.

I have also started up my online coaching business to assist others to Make Their Dreams Realities also. I have a real gift for helping others find what they’re passionate about, applying this to their lives with purpose and focusing on the vision of how they’d like their Dream Life to be.

My experiences of late have taught me the Power of Focus to get results and have left me excited and driven to do more. In amongst it all though is that need for balance – a time to just BE also, that time to walk on the beach, smell the spring flowers, meditate and relax. When we create that balance in our lives is when the magic happens!

Last Sunday afternoon, after two huge days at an NLP seminar, I organised a gathering down at Point Walter for the 10th of the 10th of 2010 – a powerful turning point.

Well the wind and rain Goddesses were out in full force but the small group of “die-hards” (as my friend’s husband described us) endured the elements and were blessed with GRACE. As we did our ceremony at the waters’ edge to bring healing to the Swan River and all the waterways around the earth, Grace joined us in the shape of a black swan which swam over and lingered at our feet with full eye contact for the whole time. Then when we fought the howling gale across to the other side we asked for mercy from the wind goddess – thanking her for cleansing our auras and blowing out all the cobwebs and stillness came. We performed our next ceremony in calmness and peace then turned around to see the most beautiful rainbow ending in the river where the swan had been, soon after, four sea eagles appeared up above, we watch the beautiful sunset and dined by the waters’ edge with the seagulls before heading home. Needless to say that although it appeared to be pouring with rain all around us, we all went home dry.

So I leave you with two messages

1.       With focus anything is possible, and

2.       Balance creates magic

Have a wonderful month and blessings to all. If you’d like to get on track and Make Your Dreams Realities with my help feel free to enrol yourself in my coaching program.