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Anointing Oils are available now!

On Sale for the month of November – normally $108, now $85 + p/h for the full set of oils – buy now

Anointing oils are used to anoint the body as a means to bring it back into balance and harmony. The anointing of the body, the hands and the feet dates back millennia and was even practiced in biblical times. This ritual has served a powerful function in many cultures to not only bring balance and harmony back into the life of the individual but also to nurture the soul on its journey in the lifetime.

One of more oils can be chosen intuitively by placing your hands above the oils and selecting those that you are most drawn to. This can also be done using a pendulum, muscle testing or any other method of selecting.

This is a very beautiful and nurturing ritual that can be performed daily, or as often as you wish.

Each of the Divine Essences anointing oils are made from pure essential oils, essences, sacred geometry and symbols, cycles of the moon, crystals, colours and a carrier oil

These oils should not be used if pregnant.

There are 7 different Divine Essence Anointing Oils with each one working on a different chakra:

  • Base Chakra Anointing Oil which helps balance out any issues relating to physical health and well being, money issues, housing, safety and security etc
  • Sacral Chakra Anointing Oil which helps to balance out any issues relating to sexuality, creativity, feeling emotions etc
  • Solar Plexus Anointing Oil which helps balance out any issues relating to self worth, personal power, self esteem and how you see yourself in the world.
  • Heart Chakra Anointing Oil which helps balance out issues relation to relationships, giving and receiving of love, self love etc
  • Throat Chakra Anointing Oil which assists with speaking your truth, communication, expressing your emotions and creativity or creative expression.
  • Brow Chakra Anointing Oil which brings us back in touch with our intuitive side enabling us to hear our messages more clearly and to listen to and be guided by our Higher Selves. It also helps to clear other peoples’ energy out of our beings brining greater clarity; it can also help improve memory and the ability to learn.
  • Crown Chakra Anointing Oil which assists with connecting to Divine energy and out Divine Life Purpose by releasing old dogmas and reactive energies that are no longer serving our Highest good.

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Monthly Special – October 2010

Purchase 3 bottles of Seven Sisters Essence for $25 (save $5)

Seven Sisters Essence

…It is about feeling the nurturing power of Mother Earth by opening up the heart to allow her love to flow through.  This essence encourages giving and receiving love in a balanced way and allowing this love energy to wash every cell of our bodies with Divine Light.  Seven Sisters essence heals the past and past lives so that we can step forward from this moment on, lightly and unencumbered by old baggage.

This essence was made in the arms of a rosemary bush covered in bees busy at work gathering nectar while gently humming thus bringing extra power to the essence to keep unwanted influences away while pursuing our full potential.  It can bring in the “Midas Touch” through enabling us to realise that anything is possible, making good of every opportunity that presents and turning it to gold.  It will help us to see the magic in life and the value of working together for the greater good of all.  It will assist with the birthing of new ideas, their development and maturity to a level where they have a life of their own so that we can then move onto our next brilliant idea.

Seven Sisters essence allows in the power of the Divine number 7 as reflected in the 7 chakras, the 7 light bodies, the 7 colours of the rainbow, the 7 planets, the 7 days of creation, the 7 Goddesses of the Pleiades, the 7 Priestesses who gaurded the gates of Thebes, the 7 days of the week and the 7 notes in a musical scale.  Seven Sisters essence encapsulates the mysteries of the 7 sisters that have permeated numerous cultures including the Aztecs, the Greeks, the original Australians and the Jews.

This connection to Divine love through the earth enables us to experience and explore multiple dimensions while staying grounded and alert.

Seven Sisters essence encompasses the power of the sacred feminine, the creative force, and the divine power of Inner Knowing (Intuition).  It allows us to reconnect to past knowledge by removing past life trauma and fears, Seven Sisters essence reminds us of our sacred connection to ALL.

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October Product Feature – 7 Sisters Essence

This is the essence to get things done – it is the ultimate de-procrastinator and is what I have been taking over the past month to help me stay focused and on track. Seven Sisters essence heals the past and past lives so that we can step forward from this moment on, lightly and unencumbered by old baggage.  Extra power has been bought to the essence to keep unwanted influences away while pursuing our full potential, making good of every opportunity to see the magic in life for the greater good of all.  It will assist in the birthing of new ideas, their development and maturity to a level where they have a life of their own so that we can then move onto our next brilliant idea.

Seven Sisters encompasses the power

  • Of the sacred feminine
  • The creative force
  • The divine power of Inner Knowing (intuition)
  • Reconnect to past knowledge
  • Remove past life trauma and fears
  • Our sacred connection to all

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August Special – 9 (dosage) Essences for $75 – save $15!

Maryanne Butler - August Special - 9 essences for $75[purchase now]

Angel Essence (Brow Chakra)

  • The ‘party drug without the drugs’
  • Brings in joy, playfulness and a lot of fun
  • Connects us to Angelic realms and their music
  • Reminds us to ask for help available to us
  • Clears toxins & emotions, eg sadness & lonliness

Ascension Essence (Crown Chakra)

  • Moves us towards realms beyond our understanding that nurture the Spirit and advance the Soul
  • Allows us to move forward and upwards to the light
  • Blessing to all that was, all that is and all that is to come
  • Enhances our ability to speak to the Divine within, without and around – to say nothing yet be everything
  • Grounding, allowing assimilation of new information in Divine timing

Calm Waters (Earth Star) – 15ml

  • Calming & centering
  • Breaks the binds of dysfunctional habitual behaviors and emotional reactions
  • Allows us to see beyond the dramas and distractions of life to its true purpose
  • Releases the need for stuggle, tension & disruption
  • Enables us to feel safe, secure, peaceful and loved
  • Realigns the Earth Star by grounding the energies of the other chakras through it and into the earth

Divinity Within (Heart Chakra)

  • Reconnects to our Higher selves or our inner Divine nature
  • Reignites our soul sound
  • Enables recognition of oneness of all
  • Inner truth and wisdom
  • Improves self worth and self esteeem
  • Rebalances feminine and masculine energies
  • Allows the release of the heaviness of old patterns that no longer serve

Embracing Shadow (Base Chakra)

Embracing Shadow Essence was made to address and embrace our shadow selves (our angry selves, our fearful selves, our procrastinator, our lethargic selves etc). Rather than hide from, deny or reject this side of our beings, Embracing Shadow allows us to work through, learn from and use wisely this energy. This allows us to operate in life more Whole-istically by embracing the whole of our beings. Through dreams, recognitions and inspirations into action, we will begin to make good wholesome changes to longstanding stagnant or stuck situations both within and without. This essence balances the yin and yang in our beings by letting go of the baggage we hold on to and thus allows us to move towards the light-er beings that we are.

  • Enables one to embrace their shadow side and work with it to get to the light
  • Regulatory and harmonising
  • Brings brain, endocrine system and glands including the hypothalamus and pituitary into equilibrium
  • Balancing out hormones, thoughts and emotions
  • Brings joy, laughter and freedom of spirit
  • Allows individuals to lovingly speak their truth

Essence of Light (Throat Chakra)

  • Brings light into our beings releasing the dark
  • Igniting dormant aspects of ourselves & perceptions
  • Allows us to listen to our natural rhythms and Biorhythms
  • Enables us to strive for our optimum selves easily
  • Dissipates heaviness and struggle
  • The “Shadow Seeker” – bringing light to our ‘shadow spots’ such as joints enabling us to release ‘stuck energy’

Essence of Now (Soul Star)

  • Brings in spontaneity, playfulness & creativity
  • Allows one to be in the here and NOW
  • Carries Dolphin energy
  • Enables one to experience life eat its optimum
  • Promotes heightened awareness receptivity & clarity

Moon Essence (Second Chakra)

  • Tunes individuals into the moon cycles and in turn our own biorhythms, restoring balance and equilibrium
  • Connects the second chakra with the crown chakra – connecting our emotional selves with our spiritual selves
  • Balances emotions by balancing the tidal influence of the moon
  • Brings in feminine energy and softness
  • Tunes us into our creative self
  • Brings joy, happiness, and fun into life

Transcendence (Solar Plexus)

  • Allows us to go beyond the situation or drama to see the Bigger Picture
  • Connects & ignites solar plexus with divine love uniting power and love
  • Brings in courage and strength

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