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Monthly Special

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Divine Light Meditation Series by Maryanne Butler

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Product Feature – Divine Light Meditation Series

The Divine Light Meditation Series of CD’s are finally complete and off being produced. This has been an incredible journey that began way back in 2003 so I am really excited to finally bring it to fruition. My meditation group is already experiencing the benefits of these wonderful creations and the feedback has been amazing. Not only do they like the meditations and the music in behind them but they are witnessing the transformation within themselves as we move through the series.

The Divine Light Meditation Series consists of 8 Meditation CD’s:

Enter the Gateway meditation
CD1: Enter the Gateway Meditation – Let Go of Old Baggage

Enter the Gateway Meditation CD includes a full body relaxation, a breathe meditation and a guided visualisation to release old baggage before stepping through the gateway

Chakra meditation CD2: Chakra Meditation – Balance the Body’s Energy Field

The Chakra Meditation enables us to release stuck energy from each of the seven major chakras and bring balance and harmony back into the body’s energy field.

CD3: Oceanic Crystal Cave Meditation – Let Go of Fear

Oceanic Crystal Cave Meditation guides us through a beautifully powerful process to let go of fears in our lives and to reconnect with the jewel within all of us.

Dolphin Initiation CD4: Dolphin Initiation Meditation – Heart Activation

The Dolphin Initiation Meditation is based on a profound experience that Maryanne had in Western Australia in 1985 when she was circled by a school of dolphins and included in a sacred ritual that changed her life.  This meditation opens the heart chakra and activates creativity and healing.

City of Light Meditation CD5: City of Light Meditation – Activate Your Core Soul Energy and Balance Feminine and Masculine Energy (Guided Visualisation to the Crystal City)

The City of Light Meditation was inspired by an experience that Maryanne had in 2002 in Western Australia. This guided visualisation has a powerfully healing effect on the individual, activating core Soul Energy, balancing out the masculine and feminine and leaving one with a peaceful heart.

Egypt/Book of Wisdom meditation CD6: Egypt/Book of Wisdom Meditation – Access Ancient Wisdom and Forgotten Knowledge

The Egypt/Book of Wisdom Meditation is based on an experience Maryanne had during a spiritual healing meditation in the 1990’s.  During this meditation one is taken to the Great Pyramid in Egypt to access Ancient wisdom and forgotten skills through the Book of Knowledge.

Ascended Masters meditation CD7: Ascended Masters Meditation – Connect to the Ascended Masters, Mystics and Guides

The Ascended Masters meditation was channelled through by Maryanne and is a favourite of many. It creates an opportunity to sit in meditation with the Ascended Masters and Mystics and connect to one’s guides.

Himalayan meditation CD8: Himalayan Meditation – Accessing Your Divine Life Purpose

The Himalayan Meditation takes us on a journey to the Himalayas tuning us into our minuteness and our greatness all at the same time. This powerful meditation connects us into our Divine Life Purpose and our Soul’s Journey.

This is a self contained meditation course that introduces you to numerous meditation techniques, helps you clear the fears etc that get in your way in life, connects you into forgotten wisdom, clears the body’s chakras and energy field etc and connects you into your Divine Life Purpose.

I invite you to use these CD’s daily and transform your life simply by setting aside 30-45 minutes per day, press play and allow yourself to be taken on the journey of your life!

The Divine Light…

The past month has kept me extremely busy and with great results.  I have finally finished the recording of the Divine Light Meditation Series of 8 CD’s and am in the process of designing CD covers to get them ready for production. I am very excited as the meditations are powerful and transformational. The music backing the meditation is my original music and only adds to the healing power of the CDs.

As I was recording the meditations the series revealed itself to me and I realised the power of the project I was undertaking. The Divine Light series takes you on a journey beginning with mind and body relaxation and letting go of the past (CD1) to balancing the chakras (CD2), letting go of fear and connecting with your inner jewel (CD3), activating the heart chakra in the dolphin initiation (CD4), activating your core soul energy and balancing out masculine and feminine energy (CD5), accessing ancient wisdom and forgotten skills (CD6), connecting to the Ascended Masters, mystics and your guides (CD7) and finally connecting to your Divine Life Purpose/Your Soul’s Journey in Himalaya (CD8). As soon as the covers are designed they will all be sent off for production and then be available for sale – I am so excited!

Another long dreamed of project came to fruition also in the past month – The Divine Essences Chakra Anointing Oils – a set of seven anointing oils beautifully packaged in their own small case and I am offering these as my special this month. I have already sold a number of sets with wonderful feedback.

Over the past month I also assisted Rachelle Charman in her advanced Crystal Healing and Shamanic Workshop which was powerful and transformational.  We then journeyed down south to Denmark for a few days where nature spoke to me and inspired me yet again to get into my writing and music. So the ball is rolling and I am returning to Denmark in December for a writer’s retreat with a group of writing buddies.

I also completed my Reiki masters this month and will begin teaching Reiki in 2011. My journey with Reiki over the past 12 months has been powerful, insightful and transformational giving me a real sense of “coming home” to something I knew long ago.

There is so much more to tell and it will have to wait for the December Newsletter as I really must get this out now. Keep enjoying the festive season and check my website for new additions.

PS  Two new essences were made by me recently – “Creation Day” (the world’s greatest motivator truly living up to its name) and “One Balance” (balancing out your energy field even when you feel at your worst!)