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This Land has Many Faces – From Wine to Wisdom

Here I am sitting outside our stone walled chalet named after the great forest giant Karri, with the afternoons sun warming my back, the birds surrounding me and the pate, caviar and green olive tapenade reminding me of the finer things in life. A weekend in Denmark with three other wonderful writer friends has seen us gather “a lot of insights (and fine wine and cheese)” for future writings, share a lot of stories and sample a bit of the local produce. Not only have we visited some of nature’s most sacred sites such as Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks and Madfish Bay but we have boosted the local economy significantly by purchasing some of the sampled produce as well as supporting the local Xmas market down by the river’s edge. Tossing up between a visit to Madfish winery or a cuppa with Kumara on his magical veranda with billion dollar views saw us win out with a cup of tea in our hands, birds of all types flying round us as if in an aviary and a discussion on the Art of Being. According to Mark Kumara (author of The Art of Being and the Dragon Wisdom Cards) it is all about the three A’s- Awake, Aware and Allow! If we are Awake enough in ourselves to be Aware of our “true unconditioned selves/our God Within, then we can peel away the layers and Allow it to reveal itself. “It is not about becoming more spiritual it’s about allowing more of what is already there to reveal itself’ said Kumara.

After all, although we are oneness we are also a combination of oer three very distinct selves – our conditioned self carrying the various cloaks of conditioning that we have gathered throughout history; our personality self, being our way of presenting ourselves to the world that is outwardly unique to us; and our true inner selves being who we truly are underneath all those other layers when we finally peel them back to reveal the “gem” within each of us.

So as you may have guessed, a weekend of fun and frivolity and interesting literary discussions was topped off by a lesson in the Art of Being in a very experiential way.  This is why I have dubbed this weekend “from Wine to Wisdom.”

A dance to the band at the markets and a boogie at the Civic Centre to Dunumba saw us get the exercise so needed to work off all that we had consumed. The following day we headed for the Sandalwood factory in Albany to have a gonging session before finally embarking on the homeward part of our journey.

So with a relaxed being and renewed insights into life I have now stepped back into the Christmas Crazy Dance and am enjoying it. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and many blessing for the New Year of 2011.  Please remember to give gratitude for all that 2010 presented to you, and to set more powerful intentions for the next part of your journey.