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The Pink Breathe

Well I’ve finally settled back in to my life in Perth again after the big trip to the US.  The building that has dutifully housed my clinic for the past nine years is being sold so I will be moving in May. I have found a wonderful space to work out of at the Wellness Centre, 7 Ellen St Fremantle, where I’ll be working alongside Emily Sist who does network chiropractics and Sue Bartoll who is a Nutritional Naturopath and Masseuse. I am very excited about the move and have great visions for the future. Once I am settled in I will be running my meditation groups and other small workshops and groups from there also. The final date for the move is not yet set however I will definitely be in full operation in my new clinic by the first week in June. In the meantime I can be found at my Norfolk St clinic.

Currently we are facing a lot of change on the earth and in our lives and we are being force out of our comfort zones enabling us to see the bigger picture and to do life differently in certain ways. With the events in Japan we saw the world come together as one heart with love, compassion and caring for those affected. Although we may never have experienced a catastrophe of that magnitude in our own lives and therefore cannot fully understand what those people are going through, we can send them our blessings. If we all simply did the “Pink Breathe” everyday around anyone in the cosmos who needs it we could help enormously.

The Pink Breathe is:

Breathe in the colour pink through your heart centre, fill your body up with pink, and then breathe pink out through your heart centre and around the cosmos.  Repeat this as many times a day as you wish.  If there is something in our own life that needs healing, do likewise and breathe the pink breathe around you and the situations or person.

This is a powerful technique and I have seen it work almost miracles in certain situations. What it does is that it brings unconditional love and light to the situations bringing about the best outcome for the greater good of all. With many people exiting this world at present it is important that we bring healing, balance and harmony back in as life changes around us.

I am beginning to run my “Enter the Gateway/Connect to your Divine Life Purpose” workshop where though out the weekend we journey together using creativity (art, writing, music and song), visualisations, meditations and contemplations to affect real life change in our lives. We address fears and blockages, old baggage and stuck patterns, clear the chakras and explore their powers, connect to ancient wisdom and forgotten skills, connect back into our core soul energy and our Divine Life Purpose. This is an opportunity to bring about real change in your life and get on track in a powerful and positive away.

I will be teaching many more workshops over the next few months so visit my website regularly to see what’s on.

Have a wonderful month

Love and Light


Making Dreams Realities

“A dream is but a journey by a mind that likes to play and even if it never manifests, it creates new pathways ‘long the way”

Maryanne Butler

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New horizons…

Well it’s the eleventh hour and I’m about to step onto the plane for San Francisco – my first visit to mainland USA – to connect into the worldwide community in my industry. I will be boarding a Cruise Ship at Ft Lauderdale in Florida to attend a week-long conference with Hay House America. So with my new Meditation CD’s in my bag and my wonderfully professional flyers produced by Leanne I excitedly head off on this adventure to spread my Light, expand my network and make my dreams realities in a powerfully positive way. Stay tuned for what transpires so be sure to read next month’s newsletter.

Recently I was loaned a book called “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen that basically advocates 21 days without gossiping, complaining or criticizing – what a world we can create by following this simple principle.  I encourage you all to seek it out on the web and order your “Complaint Free” bracelet.

Another amusing video via the web sent to me by my Aboriginal elder friend in Victoria, Junitta, spoke of a medicine free hospital in China that healed purely using sound and showed a video of a tumour disappearing in three minutes with such therapy. Greg Braden (a known and respected international scientist) was describing the reason this was possible in scientific terms – he will be on the conference and is someone I will seek out for an informal conversation. Wow! Finally we have scientific explanation for what we’ve known for a long time truly works.

Must go, a plane to catch – talk to you next month.


Words of Wisdom

“We advance ourselves not by standing on the heads of others but by reaching for the next rung on the ladder to our own greatness.”

- Maryanne Butler

Making Dreams Realities

“To dream is but to allow the mind to wander freely until it strikes a chord in a song that sounds so pleasing.”

- Maryanne Butler

Product Feature – Divine Light Meditation Series

The Divine Light Meditation Series of CD’s are finally complete and off being produced. This has been an incredible journey that began way back in 2003 so I am really excited to finally bring it to fruition. My meditation group is already experiencing the benefits of these wonderful creations and the feedback has been amazing. Not only do they like the meditations and the music in behind them but they are witnessing the transformation within themselves as we move through the series.

The Divine Light Meditation Series consists of 8 Meditation CD’s:

Enter the Gateway meditation
CD1: Enter the Gateway Meditation – Let Go of Old Baggage

Enter the Gateway Meditation CD includes a full body relaxation, a breathe meditation and a guided visualisation to release old baggage before stepping through the gateway

Chakra meditation CD2: Chakra Meditation – Balance the Body’s Energy Field

The Chakra Meditation enables us to release stuck energy from each of the seven major chakras and bring balance and harmony back into the body’s energy field.

CD3: Oceanic Crystal Cave Meditation – Let Go of Fear

Oceanic Crystal Cave Meditation guides us through a beautifully powerful process to let go of fears in our lives and to reconnect with the jewel within all of us.

Dolphin Initiation CD4: Dolphin Initiation Meditation – Heart Activation

The Dolphin Initiation Meditation is based on a profound experience that Maryanne had in Western Australia in 1985 when she was circled by a school of dolphins and included in a sacred ritual that changed her life.  This meditation opens the heart chakra and activates creativity and healing.

City of Light Meditation CD5: City of Light Meditation – Activate Your Core Soul Energy and Balance Feminine and Masculine Energy (Guided Visualisation to the Crystal City)

The City of Light Meditation was inspired by an experience that Maryanne had in 2002 in Western Australia. This guided visualisation has a powerfully healing effect on the individual, activating core Soul Energy, balancing out the masculine and feminine and leaving one with a peaceful heart.

Egypt/Book of Wisdom meditation CD6: Egypt/Book of Wisdom Meditation – Access Ancient Wisdom and Forgotten Knowledge

The Egypt/Book of Wisdom Meditation is based on an experience Maryanne had during a spiritual healing meditation in the 1990’s.  During this meditation one is taken to the Great Pyramid in Egypt to access Ancient wisdom and forgotten skills through the Book of Knowledge.

Ascended Masters meditation CD7: Ascended Masters Meditation – Connect to the Ascended Masters, Mystics and Guides

The Ascended Masters meditation was channelled through by Maryanne and is a favourite of many. It creates an opportunity to sit in meditation with the Ascended Masters and Mystics and connect to one’s guides.

Himalayan meditation CD8: Himalayan Meditation – Accessing Your Divine Life Purpose

The Himalayan Meditation takes us on a journey to the Himalayas tuning us into our minuteness and our greatness all at the same time. This powerful meditation connects us into our Divine Life Purpose and our Soul’s Journey.

This is a self contained meditation course that introduces you to numerous meditation techniques, helps you clear the fears etc that get in your way in life, connects you into forgotten wisdom, clears the body’s chakras and energy field etc and connects you into your Divine Life Purpose.

I invite you to use these CD’s daily and transform your life simply by setting aside 30-45 minutes per day, press play and allow yourself to be taken on the journey of your life!

Making Dreams Realities…

“The more you believe in yourself and your ability to create, the more dreams you will fulfil and the less you’ll have to wait”

- Maryanne Butler

Avocado Capsicum Dip

Its party season again so here’s a winner!

1 avocado
½ red capsicum finely chopped
1 tspn lemon juice
Celtic salt to taste
1 spring onion (optional) finely chopped

Mash the ripe avocado; add in 1 tspn lemon juice and salt. Stir in red capsicum (and spring onion).

Serving options:

  • savoury biscuits;
  • carrot and celery sticks;
  • bread sticks; or
  • Turkish bread

Making Dreams Realities…

“When the only thing that is stopping us is the voice that makes no sense, isn’t it time we argued against it and moved beyond our fence?”